Housing Authority of the City of Erie
Housing Authority of the City of Erie
Onjanette Jackson

Dr. Onjanette L. Jackson

Scattered Site (Lake City Dwellings)

Before the age of 10 and up until college, I lived in public housing in a scattered site on the lower west side of Erie. The best thing about living there was I never felt marginalized. Everyone I encountered from the Housing Authority whether on the maintenance staff or at the executive level made my family and me feel like a part of the HACE family. Additionally, my childhood home felt exactly like a “home” partly because it was cared for and not dilapidated. HACE really takes pride in their properties. Over the years, I have received scholarships, worked in the summer program, and currently serve on the Ellen Curry Foundation. Every accomplishment and with every step they were right there cheering me on and they continue to do so today.

I have over 25 years of professional experience in various industries including computer technology, health and fitness, banking, and nonprofit. Throughout the course of my work life, I’ve held positions as a Software Configuration Engineer, IT Specialist, Certified Personal Trainer, Career Development Manager, Training Coordinator, Bank Supervisor, Business Owner and am now Executive Director at the Eagle’s Nest Leadership Corporation which serves Erie’s at-risk community.

Originally born in Erie, Pennsylvania, I have earned a Bachelor of Arts in Computer Management Information Systems from Mercyhurst College (now Mercyhurst University), a Master’s Degree with concentration in Hospitality Management from Keller Graduate School of Management, and a doctorate in Business Administration from the University of Phoenix. My accomplishments include co-authoring the technical manual – The Role of S/390 in Business Intelligence for IBM, recipient of the Future Heroes of Public Housing award, a board member of the Ellen Curry Foundation, and member of the Hamot Health Foundation Board of Corporators.

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