Housing Authority of the City of Erie
Housing Authority of the City of Erie

Health Services

MHEDS Health Clinic

1841 East 18th Street

The MHEDS family health care program is provided by HACE in partnership with the Multi-Cultural Health Evaluation Delivery System (MHEDS). The facility, situated in the Marsha Ann Hall Learning Center, offers family health services to the 3,000-plus residents within walking distance of Harbor Homes, Harbor Homes Annex, the John E. Horan Garden Apartments, and Eastbrook.

The free clinic offers checkups, vaccinations, prescriptions, and physician and hospital referrals in a full range of services stressing preventive care — pre-natal care, nutrition, and exams

Prior to the clinic,s opening in January, 2010, Erie Housing Authority residents often needed a bus schedule or a friend with a car to visit a medical clinic, if they lived in the Harbor Homes public-housing complex. The nearest medical clinic that accepted Medicaid was miles away, too far to walk for most of those residents for whom transportation is an issue. That has changed.

The clinic, which opened in January of 2010, is within walking distance for approximately 2800 Housing Authority residents, many of whom are refugees from around the globe.

  • The Clinic offers caseworkers, interpreters and medical professionals who have experience providing medical services to immigrant and refuges populations. The goal of the Health Clinic is to combine access to high quality medical services with provision of direct translation interpretation services to the approximately 39 ethnic groups who have access to it. These efforts ensure that patients are receiving the medical services they need and understand the services they are receiving.
  • About 75 percent of the clinic’s patients are recent immigrants or refugees.
  • The Clinic accepts Medicaid, Medicare and private health insurance for payment.
  • The Clinic also bills on a sliding scale based on federal poverty guidelines for patients without insurance.
  • Though the clinic was built primarily for the residents who live in Harbor Homes, it is open to the general public.

Community Healthnet Dental Office

2120A East 10th Street

Situated in the John E. Horan Garden Apartments, the dental office is a joint venture between the Housing Authority of the City of Erie and Community Health Net.

The facility was renovated by the Housing Authority; the dental equipment and professional staffing is provided by Community Health Net, a non-profit medical services agency that provides a full range of medical services to low-income patients.

The new dental office provides one full-time dentist, one full-time hygienist and two dental assistants.

The dental office is located in the Housing Authority’s largest family development. There are about 1,000 residents at the John E. Horan Garden Apartments, including about 400 children under the age of seven.

The Dental Office was opened to provide the one area of health care for low-income families that typically gets the least attention – dental care. Poor dental care leads to other health issues that can be serious. Dental health is an indicator of medical health and is tied to a person’s quality of life


Friendship Apartments

Schmid Towers

The Authority partners with GECAC, Stairways and the Erie Center on Health and Aging to provide full-time trained caseworkers and nurses on-site at both senior high-rise buildings. Services include medication management, chore services, house cleaning, personal care and case management.

Gannon Nursing Center at John E. Horan Garden Apartments

2120B East 10th Street #6

Staffed by Gannon University nursing supervisors and students, the center offers residents on-site health screenings, flu shots, mammograms, and WIC services. Nurses also do homes visits and provide a variety of health related educational programs.