Housing Authority of the City of Erie
Housing Authority of the City of Erie

The Ellen Curry Scholarships

A champion of family oriented services for public housing residents, Ellen Curry was instrumental in promoting Head Start, Day Care, Adult Education, youth centers, and other educational programs. She designated that the purpose of the Foundation would be to “enhance the general education level of youth living in housing owned by the Erie Housing Authority.”

The Curry Scholarships give children of low-income families the opportunity to attend parochial elementary schools of their choice, thus giving them the advantage of accelerated private education starting at an early age. As long as the student continues to remain in public housing and in good standing with the school, the Foundation will provide annual scholarships though the eighth grade.

The Curry Scholarships have awarded a total of $362,034 in elementary school scholarships since 1998.

Scholarship Applications

Applications for both the Curry and Tullio scholarships are available at any Housing Authority office or by calling 452-2425. The application process occurs in April of each year and scholarships are awarded in July.