Housing Authority of the City of Erie
Housing Authority of the City of Erie
Louis J. Tullio

The Louis J. Tullio Memorial Scholarships

The $1,000 Louis J. Tullio Scholarships are meant to encourage self esteem, higher education, and to create role models for high school and college students living in public housing. Also, to keep alive the memory and spirit of Mayor Louis J. Tullio, Erie’s only six-term mayor and a dedicated educator and coach. In 2007, a total of seven college- bound residents received a $1,000 scholarship.

Since 1989, 71 Tullio scholarships have been awarded totaling $71,000.

Scholarship Applications

Applications for both the Curry and Tullio scholarships are available at any Housing Authority office or by calling 452-2425. The application process occurs in April of each year and scholarships are awarded in July.