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Housing Authority of the City of Erie
Housing Authority of the City of Erie

The Ellen Curry Foundation

Ellen Curry
Ellen Curry

Ellen Curry served on the Housing Authority Board for 29 years from 1967 through 1996. Prior to her death in 1996, Ellen made provisions for the Ellen Curry Foundation. Upon her death, a portion of her estate went to endow the Foundation.

The Curry Foundation was established by Ellen to enhance and improve the general education level of children under the age of 22 years who reside in housing owned or managed by the Housing Authority of the City of Erie.

The Foundation is a Section 501(c) (3) organization under the Internal Revenue Code.

The Foundation also acts as the umbrella organization for the Louis J. Tullio Memorial Scholarship Program established by the Housing Authority in 1989 to help young Housing Authority residents complete their college education. The original funding for the Tullio scholarships came through annual gifts from the Knox McLaughlin Gornall and Sennett law firm.

The primary fund raiser for the foundation is the Ellen Curry Golf Tournament, which garners about $34,000 annually for the Foundation.

“Our scholarships have virtually no administrative expenses,” said John E. Horan, executive director of the Erie Housing Authority and chairman of the Foundation board. “The scholarships provide opportunities to help our children receive the education that will lead them to economic self sufficiency.”

The Foundation has awarded a total of $433,034 to Curry and Tullio scholarship recipients.