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Housing Authority of the City of Erie

Tick Protection

It’s almost summer, and it’s time to think about tick protection. Ticks in PA carry Lyme Disease, which is a mild illness for most people but can have serious complications such as arthritis. If you walk, hike, or play in wooded or grassy places, you could be bitten by a tick. The average size of a tick that causes illness is smaller than the letters on a dime—so you may not see the tick that bites you. What you will see is bulls-eye shaped rash where the bite is. When you see that rash, seek medical help right away.

To protect yourself from tick bites. Wear long pants, sleeves, and socks when walking in tall grass or wooded areas. A hat is also helpful. Inspect yourself for tick bites when you get home. You can also use repellent. Many different ones exist, but the best that protect your from ticks are DEET, Picaridin, and Lemon of Eucalyptus oil.

You can read more about ticks and repellents here.

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